Scarecrow and mrs king start dating geek dating flow chart

Bruce Boxleitner, the actor who played Lee Stetson, was also on the shows "How The West Was Won", "Bring 'Em Back Alive", and "Babylon 5".Mel Stewart, the actor who played Billy Melrose, was on the show "All In The Family" and "Tabitha".Their unlikely partnership leads to plenty of fun and adventure for the audience, and eventual romance that is (fortunately) postponed for as long as possible.The writers and producers seem to know exactly what the viewers want, the guy and girl who like eachother but can't say it or deal with it, and end up tiptoeing around the issue for three seasons... Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. A sandwich Lee ordered was doctored with a drug, but Amanda ate it and began to hallucinate.Related quizzes can be found here: Scarecrow and Mrs. Amanda, while outside on a ledge on the hospital roof, said "Lee, you missed the cartwheel!" When she called Billy to talk to him about the Retzik case, she said "Bill, King here...". Amanda threatened Retzik with her hair dryer, saying, "Freeze or I'll splatter you all over this stage!

Bruce Boxleitner is a great actor and really shines as the star, Scarecrow.As I watch it nowadays I feel that he must have enjoyed this series a lot, as he seems so natural and comfortable in his role.This is a cute, endearing show based on a simple premise.Nominated for Emmy Outstanding Cinematography for a Series.Stress and overwork seem to have taken their toll on Lee, whose burnout removes him from field duty for a desk job -- and gets him involved with subversives who give him a deadly assignment: kill Amanda King.

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