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) about a place you particularly like in Ostia Antica, a special experience, a memorable moment…

Three minutes later Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller saw red for bringing down Sven Schipplock when he was through on goal and, with no more substitutions left, winger Kevin Grosskreutz went in goal for the resulting penalty.

Shop for silks, fine embroideries and perfect tailor-made clothes, enjoy a stroll by the lake that simply take your breath away or dine along the street to discover the myriad of delicious and healthy cuisine.The mosaic may have been indicated in a well-known passage in Pliny's Natural History concerning mosaic floors in Italy: Maurizio Calvesi, in identifying Francesco Colonna as the author of Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, identifies passages in Hypnerotomachia depending on Pliny that were enriched by direct experience of the mosaics themselves.In the 17th century, Palestrina passed to the Barberini family, who between 16 removed most of the mosaic from its setting, without recording the overall composition, and, after further movements and damage, put it on exhibition in the Palazzo Barberini in Palestrina, where it remains.The mosaic was part of a Classical sanctuary-grotto in Palestrina, a town east of Rome, in central Italy.It has a width of 5.85 metres and a height of 4.31 metres and provides a glimpse into the Roman fascination with Egyptian exoticism in the 1st century BC, both as an early manifestation of the role of Egypt in the Roman imagination The mosaic, with an arch-headed framing that identifies its original location as flooring an apse in a grotto, features detailed depictions of Ptolemaic Greeks, black Ethiopians in hunting scenes, and various animals of the Nile river. Meyboom suggests a date shortly before the reign of Sulla (ca.

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