Intimidating animals list

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Not only was Hatzegopteryx's skull ten feet long, but this pterosaur may have had a wingspan of a whopping 40 feet (though it probably only weighed a few hundred pounds, since a heavier build would have made it less aerodynamic).

Dinosaurs weren't the only reptiles that grew to enormous sizes during the Mesozoic Era.

The biggest terrestrial mammal that ever lived, Indricotherium (also known as Paraceratherium) measured about 40 feet from head to tail and weighed in the vicinity of 15 to 20 tons--which put this Oligocene ungulate in the same weight class as the titanosaur dinosaurs that vanished off the face of the earth 50 million years before.

This giant plant-eater probably had a prehensile lower lip, with which it ripped the leaves off the high branches of trees. But what you may not have realized is how tall this sauropod was: because its front legs were significantly longer than its back legs, Brachiosaurus could attain the height of a five-story office building when it reared its neck up to its full height (a speculative posture which is still a subject of debate among paleontologists).

A character can gain a feat at the same level at which he gains the prerequisite.

As I transitioned from a suburban homesteader to a rural one, animals were one of the first things I wanted to add to our property.

I was positively enamored with the idea of raising my own flocks and herds to help feed my family!

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