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This bridge was built approximately 30 years after the Chapel Bridge and there is a small 16th-Century chapel halfway across.

As one of the most expensive countries in Europe, Switzerland is often skipped over by budget travelers.

Accommodation – Hostel dorms average 30 CHF per night, but in some major cities, they can run as high 50 CHF.

There are Etruscan monuments at Davesco-Soragno (5th to 2nd century BC), Pregassona (3rd to 2nd century BC), and Viganello (3rd to 2nd century BC).

Graves with jewelry and household items have been found in Aldesago, Davesco, Pazzallo and Pregassona along with Celtic money in Viganello.

The Wasserturm, or water tower, was originally part of the city wall and in the past has been used as a prison and an archive.

Down river, at the other end of the Old Town, is the lesser known of the city’s covered bridges – Spreuerbrucke, or Mill Bridge.

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