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To get to know Puerto Rican culture, first you must learn about the culture of our Taíno ancestors.

Without a doubt, the best way to discover Puerto Rico’s indigenous side is through “Ruta Taína”, a sacred tour through the land of Taínos.

After he graduated from high school, he enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico where he studied journalism and sociology.

He worked for the United States Postal Service, a job which he held for more than twenty years. In 1960, he moved to New York City and worked for the newspaper "Diario/La Prensa" as a sports columnist.

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) was born in Guayama, a town located in the southern region of Puerto Rico.

Enjoy the impressive view of the sacred mountain at the Tres Picachos Forest.

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Experience a magical journey that will take you through various towns from north to south.

La Ruta Taína will give you direct access to the great variety of indigenous culture so that you can enjoy it at your pace: Almost 50% of Puerto Rico’s municipalities have Taíno names.

Here you’ll find a monument of chief Jayuya, a mural depicting the Jayuya Sun, and the First Grave of the Puerto Rican Indian.

Road 144 Monday to Sunday, 8am-4pm 787.828.1241 This center is located in the neighborhood of Coabey, a Taíno word that means “world of the ancestors.” It houses the Cemí Museum, an exhibition of archaeological pieces, the first Taíno sanctuary featuring the burial site of an indigenous ancestor, indigenous villages and a store with Taíno crafts.

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