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Together Her’s and Wing’s projects capture a working image of the Asian-American experience.

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If your parents did something wrong, you would have to prove to others that you won’t turn out the same way.

ZQ was able to contact Mailee Xailuss for an exclusive interview for our Real People Talk segment. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to answer some questions about the recent Facebook blacklash you received concerning your story. From my own personal experience I agreed with them and that was when I posted about why I only date white men. ZQ: When you say you have personal experience, can you elaborate on this? Thats when I knew Hmong men were not in the future for me. They have jobs, their own cars, they live on their own, don’t play games and they treat us better. MX: Yes, my boyfriend is Caucasian and we have been dating for eight years.

I started to hear the same complaints from my friends about their Hmong boyfriends.

” There are plenty of things they will say and many of them are ridiculous.

If your family has a good reputation, then your family has to live up to that name and the sons in the family have to find wives who also have good family reputations.

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