10 women to avoid dating

Although for some people it has worked, but mostly in the long run, there can be no assurance of this one coming to term.

No money, honey Understood you are not a materialistic girl, you are independent and are alright with going dutch on a date.

To avoid the pain you undergo when things go wrong, here's a list of ten types of men you should run miles away from.

The rebound shot A man, who is fresh out of a relationship, is still lurking in the transition.

10 types of men you should avoid dating Looking for a new man in your life?

But that doesn't mean that he's really fallen for you.Are you looking out for a new relationship or want to just date men?You might come across somebody and hit it off nicely for a year or so, and then you begin to notice things that could make you part ways.What women like in men and what they loathe is pretty universal, whether it’s an American college student or a Russian university graduate.The types of guys quality ladies avoid to date also broadcast true from coast to coast.

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