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Men in Mauritania's capital, Nouakchott, say they are finding it harder to find a wife or stay married if they do.Mauritanian men say their lives and those of women around them are on a difficult straddle between traditional rules and more modern pursuits.VOA's Nico Colombant has more, with reporting by Ebrima Sillah, in this the fourth part of a series of life in post-election Mauritania, after decades of military-dominated rule.

The Haratins are black Africans who were enslaved by white Maurs.

The name of the country is derived from the Latin Mauretania, meaning "west," which corresponds to the Arab name of North Africa, Maghreb.

The Romans referred to the Berber people as Maures.

The Advocacy Initiatives Group for Women’s Political Participation (, GI3PF), a nonpartisan organization comprising women from all walks of life, is committed to encouraging women’s participation in Mauritanian politics at the local and national levels.

“We want women to find their place in political life and in elections,” said Lalla Aicha Sy, one of the group’s coordinators.

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