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To fully grasp what Paul is saying in this pivotal New Testament epistle, we must become aware of the specific problems that had arisen in Galatia.

We must also try to discern who was causing those problems.

"The city is reviewing the judge's decision in this case and city legal, policy and enforcement staff will be considering the city’s options for next steps in light of the order."Plaintiff Brit Hoagland said the preliminary injunction is a "historic victory."Hoagland said the fight over the topless ban was not as important as the fight over the right to vote or other current social justice issues but that the injunction granted privileges to women that men had all along."It’s a huge relief," Hoagland said.

"It is definitely a big win."Jackson cited evidence including testimony by the chair of Colorado College's psychology department that sexual objectification of the female breast contributes to higher rates of sexual assault and violence as factors in his decision."The naked female breast is seen as disorderly or dangerous because society, from Renaissance paintings to Victoria’s Secret commercials, has conflated female breasts with genitalia and stereotyped them as such," Jackson wrote.

In the process, we will look extensively at some of the documents uncovered during the 20th century in the Dead Sea scrolls found at Qumran.

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He criticized city lawyers' chief arguments that the law maintains public order and protects children.

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— A federal judge in Denver blocked the Fort Collins ban on female toplessness Wednesday. He wrote that he would likely find the ordinance unconstitutional when the case goes to trial.

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