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Intriguingly, however, this exercise is more inclined to be effective if individuals transcribe these strengths with their preferred hand and nod their head during the process (Brinol & Petty, 2003).This finding, and many other observations, can be ascribed to the self validation hypothesis.Additionally, a key dialectical within DBT is the principle of accepting the client as he or she is, and offering validation, while also helping him/her learn change strategies.Validation in DBT refers to offering the client verbal and nonverbal support and confirmation.Avoiding Non-Validating Responses Using Validation Techniques Providing Micro Validation Community Q&A Validating feelings involves recognizing someone's feelings and acknowledging them as important.It helps the other person feel that you care about and understand them.

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It is very rare to enter into a relationship where the other person truly has only your best interest at heart.

Remember my definition of a friend is “someone who I feel good when I am around them.” If my definition were “someone who can benefit from being around me”, then I could conceivably claim most people I meet as my friends.

Not surprisingly, the self esteem of individuals tends to improve after they transcribe three of their strengths and achievements on a piece of paper.

The goal is for clients to learn to manage their emotions and develop healthier coping skills, while also practicing self-acceptance.

The term dialectical refers to the goal of synthesizing the rigid “black and white” thinking of many clients who have trouble regulating their emotions.

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