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"As soon as I met her, I was like, ' I'm going to date this girl,'" the ). "Matt had a very snarky, 'make fun' sense of humor.

I think it was his way of dealing with fans always screaming for Sarah.

Explaining her reasoning, Theresa said: "My life's a mess, aunty Myra.

I'm a single, unemployed mum of two with no future.

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Kill more zombies to unlock new weapons and upgrades for your vehicle, making it an ever-more efficient killing machine (and an inefficient gas-guzzler).

According to Hyland's shocking allegations, Prokop repeatedly called her a "c-t" and "slut"; he once choked her hard enough to affect her voice; he said he'd burn her house down and harm her 4-year-old pooch; and, most horrifying, he said he wished her dead and threatened to kill himself.

Hyland was so frightened of the 5-foot-11 actor that she even asked her TV mom, Modern Family costar Secret Nightmare Hyland and Prokop's first encounter was an only-in-Hollywood meet-cute: The raven-haired teen caught Prokop's attention in 2008 during an audition for High School Musical 3: Senior Year (he landed a tiny role; she didn't).

To do this, they took gameplay footage from 375 players in According to the researchers’ results, which were recently published in Information, Communication and Society, male players who play female characters behave very differently than female players playing female characters, most tellingly in the way that they move.

But when male players try to roleplay female characters, they start acting kinda weird. Researchers at Concordia University, Colorado State University, Syracuse University, Hofstra University and the University of Toronto were interested in determining whether or not socially conditioned gender norms are present in the way that we play online games.

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