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The Barn is owned by Cher and Allan Maybee, both have ridden the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails on horseback.

Allan has the Mormon, William Ashley, and Lewis and Clark Trail to add to his list of adventures.

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The Internet provides a great many opportunities for children to spend their leisure time, to learn, to express themselves and to influence decision making, in short: to enjoy their right to participation.

Yet it is also a space where children are more easily exposed to violence, abuse or exploitation and therefore at risk of having their rights violated, in particular their right to be protected and to live in a safe environment, in accordance with their best interests.

These diametrically opposed realities are also evident within the digital arena.

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A gunman opened fire during prayers at a mosque in Istanbul this afternoon.Their enthusiasm is manifest in the results of the survey.Within Urban Turkey, 88 per cent used online news in the last week.Much of the usage of social media for news may be driven by a relatively low level of trust in traditional media.In urban Turkey 45 per cent of respondents stated that they do not think that they can ‘trust most news most of the time.’ This is 11 percentage points higher than the next least trusting nation, the United States.

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