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Still, we went through with it and launched a pay-as-you-go model: The result?

(Side note: You really should think about walking on the grates. ) New Yorkers really appreciate anyone adding to the noise pollution levels. When it rains, as it tends to do, reconsider holding your huge black golf umbrella that you can’t see through really tightly and close to your face as you ramble Godzilla-like down the street.

These days however, we consumers, as well as business owners, can publicly express to the rest of the world via some very useful websites, our complaints (and appreciations) about companies and business people that we buy products and services from.

), but the following are some other useful complaint sites that you can read and post consumer complaints using your first-hand experience with products and services. Pissed Consumer includes a database of consumer complaints on a wide variety of topics””auto, computer, education, fiance, food, government, etc.

Every startup will upset some of its customers as it learns and grows. In a lot of ways, being a startup is like being a kid. The best you can hope for is that each time it happens, it’s a learning experience and you apply what you learned to making your business better for your customers, and ensuring that whatever happened doesn’t happen again.

You’re not like the “adult” companies that have been successful and running well for years. In our history, I can think of five times we’ve upset customers.

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