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NET: Our webcam portal is based in Holland but we cover the world! If you know of any new webcams, send us email or write in the guestbook! Track weather reports, follow hurricane's progress. We will check the url, if we think it will be interesting to our fans, we will add it to is easy to use, click on the category of your choice and choose a webcam! The association "Women of Ukraine", which organized the picket, said that this Austrian man organized the trips to Vienna, promising Ukrainian women a marriage, but actually involving them into sexual slavery. Today, the women met the Consul and Ambassador of the Republic of Austria Hermine Poppeller personally.

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In 1482, Margaret's mother died and her older brother, Philip the Handsome, at that time three years of age, succeeded her as sovereign of the Low Countries, with his father Maximilian as his regent.

In 1482, her father and the King Louis XI of France signed the Treaty of Arras, whereby her father promised to give Margaret's hand in marriage to Louis's son Charles. Margaret, with Franche-Comté and Artois as her dowry, was transferred to the guardianship of King Louis XI of France, who died soon after.

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