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I'm not looking for a hooker site, hookers are everywhere, I'm looking for a woman that just wants to play sometimes.... There are definately fake profiles on all of the sites I've tried but a bigger problem in my opinion is that the 'systems' send you loads of fake messages when you join for free in order that you'll then pay to join to answer these messages which then obviously leads nowhere...

However to suggest as in the old posts on this thread that fake profiles are maybe 75% is _in my experience_ nonsense esp as on most sites women join for free but men have to pay for anything over a basic package which usually means little or no contact options - unfair, yep, but that's the way it is and the men on these sites still way outnumber the women who can then pick and choose...

There are millions of older women looking for younger men and maybe even more local single moms.

Because of this you will find a lot of milf hookup sites..

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