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It is an environment where you can sing freely without having to fear any judgment from strangers.

It’s also one of the best ways to sing popular songs of ages passed.

To celebrate Usher's long-running career in music, check out Pop Crush's list of the Top 10 Usher Songs.

At the age of 16, Usher began his illustrious career with 1994 self-titled debut album.

In 1997, Usher teamed up with producer Jermaine Dupri and their partnership resulted in three classic albums and several chart-topping singles.

star and his bae are reportedly expecting their first child together. Before a single diaper needs changing, get to know the woman who captured the heart of The Rock.

Dwayne and Lauren are reportedly starting a family, a source told 1.

Grunge was also a very popular genre that has since faded into obscurity.

If you’re looking for karaoke songs to sing with your significant other, then check out the 10 good karaoke duets for couples.

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