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Few places can be more life-enhancing in spring than Strumble Head.

This huge rocky, raised outcrop pushes north from the Pembrokeshire coast into the sea.

On the main road, an elegant Georgian house sits as if waiting for unsuspecting townies to discover it and claim, if not ownership, then certainly weekend visiting rights.

With my raggle-taggle family, we go inside, unsure whether we'll be welcomed or whether we're in for the same reception we got at the nearby antique shop (frosty).

The streets are lined, apparently, with pretty little bistros and traditional restaurants.

Perhaps it's perverse, but I prefer to try to find something right off the beaten track, so I avoid St Davids...

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Apart from the flashy Chanel-style DC (for Doctor's Court) logo outside, first impressions when you walk in are that not much has changed since the doctor's day.

Manx shearwaters, meanwhile, breed along the coast in large numbers.

Their presence brings a touch of elemental exoticism to these parts, as well as instances of nature red in tooth and claw, for the skuas will sometimes take on mild-mannered puffins, shaking them until they drop their catch, or if they are feeling bold, even attack ducks twice their size.

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