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Plus, she gives her grandkids printed labels with her address on them, making it extra easy to send letters to her in return. "What my husband and I have tried to do is find out what makes each one tick and connect with them on that level," says Johnson.

Let’s forget for a moment about the daily online and print reports of cyber-bullying, sexual predators, and addictions to online pastimes.

She allegedly admitted to performing simulated sexual intercourse with a boy around 8 and molesting him while on a Skype video chat with New York City police Sgt.

Alberto Randazzo, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed by the federal Homeland Security agent who investigated the case.

Katherine and her fiancé, Travis invited Buck and I and Travis’s mother, Judy Morrison over for a chance to see the newest updates to their apartment before we headed home.

Katherine, Judy and I were sitting on the bed looking at some family jewelry that might be suitable for the upcoming wedding. I could’t help but feel the long ancestral line of women present in the worn wedding bands and pearls of her grandmother, Grace Goldstein and my own grandmother, Bridgette Parrish.

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