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The phone number given out by the station is similar to those of the popular Mayo town when you leave out the international dialing code for the UK.

A couple of residents have had to contact their local TD Michael Ring to try to resolve the issue.

Prince Harry has given his girlfriend Chelsy Davy a right royal dressing down after she was spotted getting too close to renowned Sloane playboy Hugo Taylor.

Howard Stern knows how to get A-listers taking about their private parts.

She was last seen playing the female lead in the hit film Jurassic World earlier this year.“There is no secret to a long marriage in Hollywood,” says Howard. Perhaps too many do not or they don’t work hard enough at it. I was only 21 but knew that I would never find a better woman.” He is equally frank about his acting abilities.

You may think you know how to spin some dirty talk.He admits to the usual problems of budgets and dealing with egodriven actors but on his private life he is unequivocal.“Marriage has been the single most important part of my life,” he says.“I take it very seriously.X-rated chat numbers are not the only issue for the town as some Sky customers also get the numbers mixed up.The residents complaints come after being bombarded with late night calls from viewers of the adult channel.

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